Top Rated Rowing Machines of 2016

Are you looking to improve your health? Do you want to lose some weight? Are you generally happy with how you look and feel but want to push toward maximizing your physical fitness? If one of these describes you, you may want to look into rowing workouts to give you that toned and improved body you’re wishing for. These workouts, which are performed on rowing machines, will help you achieve some great benefits: toning your muscle, raising your stamina, and boosting your cardiovascular function!

However, choosing the right rowing machine for you can be a confusing task. With the many brands, features, types and models out in the market, it is really quite puzzling on what to pick. Considering on what type of machine you want to use must be your primary concern. You must know which of them might help you reach your physical goal. Lucky for you, that’s just what I’m about to cover!

The Top 5 Rowing Machines Available Today

I’ve taken an in depth look at the best rowing machines out there, and I’ve selected 5 that stand above the rest. I’ll cover each of these options in greater detail, but here are the five:

  1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine (Black) with PM5
  2. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower
  3. H2O Fitness RX-750 ProRower Home Series Water Rowing Machine
  4. Stamina Air Rower (Black; Chrome)
  5. Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Now let’s get started!

Product Picture Dimensions (inches) Reviews Weight (lbs) Warranty Rating
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine (Black) with PM5 95 x 24 x 14 760 68 5 year frame warranty 4.9
Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower 45 x 30 x 11 154 75 Manufacturer's warranty included 4.1
H2O Fitness RX-750 ProRower Home Series Water Rowing Machine 49 x 14 x 7 255 67 5 year warranty on frame; 90 day parts warranty 4.1
Stamina Air Rower (Black; Chrome) 45 x 24 x 9 419 55 Three year frame warranty; 90 day parts warranty 4.2
Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine 51 x 15 x 9 108 52 Manufacturer's Warranty Included 3.8

This equipment can also help you burn fat instantly through rowing so that you’ll lose weight instantly. According to Harvard health Publications, a vigorous rowing workout can burn 377 calories in just 30 minutes to individuals weighing 185 pounds. Since it helps in raising your cardiovascular function, it also means stimulation of pleasure centers in your brain thus results in reducing stress and depression. This will also give you an effective workout whatever your fitness level is.

When you break it down, there are three essential styles of rowing machines. The first use air or water friction through a flywheel to provide resistance. The exercise experience with these machines is the closest to rowing out in the water, but these are also generally more expensive and can be noisy. Next, you have those that make resistance using pistons. These are cheaper but can be fragile. Finally, you have machines that use magnetic resistance, which is somewhere in between.

  • Magnetic resistance: this system uses electromagnets in order to control resistance. Because of this, it works very quietly and can be used with ease.
  • Air: this type is the best to use if you are looking for an authentic rowing experience. Most of professionals use this kind of machine because it gives them a realistic resistance of rowing water.
  • Water: some individuals choose this kind because it is more realistic for them since it actually has a paddle moving in a water tank.

You should also make sure that the console of your chosen machine must have the basic information such as distance traveled, speed, time of exercise, calories burned and an accurate heart reading.

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine (Black) with PM5

Concept Model D

Need complete body workouts and you’re on a tight budget? This indoor rowing machine that has a sliding seat is your best choice. Features an adjustable footrest enabling it to accommodate multiple shoe sizes. Another great feature you’ll appreciate about this model is its ergonomic handles that enables natural position.

My Quick Review of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Here are the main features and benefits that you’re getting with this top of the line product:

Sliding seat: Concept2’s Model D has a seat that’s comfortable and makes your workout easier. Even those suffering from injury will have an easy time using it.

Fly wheel: This reduces the noise so that you can watch tv, listen to a podcast, or simply focus on your thoughts while exercising.

Performance monitor: Gives you accurate data on your workouts. The monitor has adjustable arms as well.

Mobility facility: This rowing machine can easily be taken apart (into two pieces) and then moved.

Adaptable footrest: Great for foot sizes big and small!

Comfortable handle: Allows you to row with a normal, ergonomic position for your arms and hands.

Warranty: Tremendous five year warranty

Pros & Cons


  • Quiet
  • Ease of Use
  • Comfortable
  • Very durable – it’ll last you a long time!


  • Cost
  • Size – may not fit into tiny spaces


If you don’t mind spending a bit more, this is likely the best rowing machine you’ll find in the market. This model is very portable thanks to its quick-release frame lock, caster wheel and its feature that allow it to get split into 2 pieces. This 500 pound capacity that comes with a 5 year warranty requires a 9 X 4 foot-print.

Check Out the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine on Amazon

2. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

This machine uses a magnetic system to create resistance. As mentioned above, this in the middle when it comes to both cost and performance – not the best, not the worst, but somewhere in between. It has a nice display and many other positive features.

My Review of the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Here are a few of the main features and benefits:

Drum magnetic control system:  Its magnetic resistance has 8 different levels, allowing you to adjust for desired workout difficulty. Whether you’re looking for something extremely challenging, very leisurely, or somewhere in between (what I recommend!), you’ll be able to get it.

Seat quality:  The seat is well made and comfortable.

Adjustable foot rest: Great for feet of all shapes and sizes!

Monitor: You can log all of the important stuff – length of workout, how many strokes you’ve performed, distance traveled, and your pulse. The display is large and easy to view.

Storage and mobility:  If you want to fold this machine up and move it, it’s just matter of removing a knob. Once it’s folded, the Velocity Magnetic Rower is actually fairly small and will fit into a tight space.

Weight capacity: 275 pounds.

Pros & Cons


  • Quiet
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Handles & seat are designed for comfort
  • Built to last
  • Easy assembly & storage


  • Warranty isn’t quite up to par with the competition
  • No on/off switch


Not quite as good as the Concept2, but far more affordable.

Check Out the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower on Amazon

3. H2O Fitness RX-750 ProRower Home Series Water Rowing Machine

H20 Fitness RX-950 ProRower Club Series

Quite simply, this is a water resistance machine – the most realistic of the three most common styles – at an affordable price.

My Review of the Pro Rower H2O RX-750 Home Series

Here are a few of the most notable features:

Hydro Power Drive system: Innovative water resistance system, making it great for cardio! It does a great job of simulating the real thing, so if you’re not careful you may think you’re out on the water racing some friends! The resistance level is fully adjustable, so you can get the level of intensity that you desire.

Control panel / monitor: The pro rower records all of your strokes, how long you’ve been exercising, distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned and more. It’s very easy to keep track of how you’re doing while exercising. This means it’s harder to slack!

Frame durability: The frame is very durable, and indeed it has a lifetime warranty.

Capacity: 350 lbs

Pros & Cons


  • High quality; built to last
  • Easy to assemble & store
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Adjustable water resistance


  • Some athletes have found that the highest resistance isn’t enough
  • Somewhat noisy


This high end rowing machine is an excellent choice for those who want the water resistance experience.

Check Out the H2O Fitness RX-750 ProRower on Amazon